Welcome to the ONLY company that is truly bringing Tour specs to the public.  Few of the TOP PGA tour players have access to the type of specs that we offer.  Although the market is small, we believe top players can greatly benefit using clubs made specifically for lower handicapped golfers.

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What is Zero Offset?

     Offset is the measurement of distance between the leading edge of an iron face and the front section of the hosel. The hosel is the hollow section of a club into which the shaft is inserted. When the leading edge is flush with the left edge of the hosel, a perfectly straight line is created and consequently becomes known as, Zero Offset.

     Golf is a game of progression and anyone who has played would agree that all players work to perfect and level-up their game. Players who understand golf and strive to advance their skill set will at some point realize that learning about the functionality of golf clubs has a tremendous benefit to their game. When a player – despite their level of play – is presented with a new club, they will often set it down on the ground to study the top line and offset.

     Having less than 1 millimeter of offset will not only give you the confidence to play, but it will also allow you to appreciate the technicalities behind it. A prime example is the stressed balance of weighting the club appropriately. Our blade irons provide immense control of the blade and yet, play much more stable and provide the forgiveness we all need and want.

     Loft clubs are traditionally designed to hit the ball further with a lower loft and with a higher loft, you create more spin in a higher elevation. Our loft clubs have been strengthened between 2 and 4 degrees to compensate for the slight distance loss when compared to hollow irons. Our line of wedges will provide a better sense of place – carrying three wedges that will give the player more versatility in the scoring zone.

     The benefit of Zero Offset clubs will be realized at all levels of play. This design is not only aesthetically appealing, but the functionality will improve dispersion and distance control.